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There is Always a First For Everything!

Helmet Wins His 1st SRZ Championship


17 Trucks rolled into Homestead Miami Speedway for the final event in the Thursday Novice Truck – Nationwide Series. Helmet would have an 8 point lead over Tuesdays TCS Fall Champion Kyle Pilman.

15 YoungGunz would set the fastest lap in qualifying to start on the pole for the 2013 Ford Eco Boast 200. Starting to his outside would be 11 Dawg. The green flag would fly around 10:30 EST. Taking the early lead would be YoungGunz over Dawg who would follow closely behind. Lap 6, the field would see the first Caution Flag of the race after Tazzard and Kriptnite would make contact in turn one, sending Tazzard around. RacerX would also spin trying to avoid the accident.

During the Yellow flag pit stops NASCAR would award YoungGunz with a speeding penalty entering pit road. Green Flag would come back out on lap 9.

Lap 19 Troubles for the point leader as Helmet and 8 Moto would make contact on the front stretch sending Moto down into Gary Crain. Gary would make hard contact with the inside wall. Lap 21, Southern Thunder would dive to the bottom of YoungGunz in 3 for the lead. Thunder would slide up the track making contact with YoungGunz. YoungGunz would slide up into Dawg sending him into the outside wall which would destroy Dawg’s Truck. Gary would once again be in the wrong spot and would get turned around ending his night prematurely.

The green flag would come back out on lap 24. Lap 33, D1 would get on the apron in turn one getting him loose and ultimately spinning him around.  Green material would restart the race on lap 37. Lap 45 Southern Thunder would once again have troubles out of thurn 2 making contact with Dawg sending Thunder into the inside wall.

Lap 52, Jim Spins out of 4 colecting Southern Thunder to bring out the final caution of the night. Jeff Heldreth would restart the race with 8 Moto to his outside. Lap 59 YoungGunz who restarted 5th would climb his way back to top of the board. YoungGunz would go on the win the race. Kyle Pilman would finish in the runner up position. 8 Moto would finish third, Jeff Heldreth fourth and Helmet 5th

Helmet would win the points championship for the Thursday night series. Kyle Pilman would finish 2nd to Helmet and Sirbud would finish third in the points. SRZ would like to congratulate Helmet on his first championship at SRZ and YoungGunz’s 1st non plate win at SRZ. SimRacingZone would also like to congratulate Kyle Pilman on his championship. This is his 22nd Championship. Kyle Pilman has the most championships in SRZ’s History.

Soadele Connects Four!

Soadele Wins at Phoenix!

SimRacingZone headed back to Phoenix International Raceway in the Camping World Trucks Thursday night. SRZ Soadele who is no stranger to victory lane at the 1 mile flat asphalt track would start on the point for the race. Starting second would be SRZ CalvinR.

Green Flag material would fly just after 10:00 EST. There would be early troubles for many including championship contender Kyle Pilman as he is collected in an incident on lap 2 when SRZ Chris and SRZ JJaimeyfield make contact sending Chris sideways back down the track in front of Kyle and RacerX. Lap 5, the field would see the green flag wave once again and Pole Sitter SRZ Soadele would take a early lead.

Lap 10 Trouble on the backstretch would bring out the 2nd Service Master Clean Caution of the night as Bush spins in front of heavy traffic. Back up front, all the leaders but CalvinR and 8 Moto would hit pit road for tires and gas. Lap 15. the green would come back out. This time CalvinR would lead the way around the desert. Chris would run second for much of the first part of the run until Soadele who restarted 7th would pass Chris and start to run down the Leader Calvin.

Lap 37 would start the first round of green flag pit stops allowing Soadele to inherit the lead when Calvin has to make a pit stop for fuel. After the cycle of pit stops were complete Soadele would maintain the lead over Calvin by .100 seconds.

Lap 84, the caution would fly once again as Southern Thunder gets into turn 1 a little to hard, getting him sideways in front of HAR_Dirt. They would make slight contact. Green Flag would fly once again just 13 short laps from seeing the checkers. Another late race would come out for the last time for a three car incident out of turn 2 involving 8 Moto, Kriptnite and Southern Thunder.

This time it would be a 10 lap dash to the finish with Soadele leading and JJaimeyfield restarting on the outside front row. Lap 91 JJaimeyfield would get loose coming out of turn 4 chasing the Columbia Speed Demon and would collect HAR_Dirt and CalvinR. Soadele would hold on and visit victory lane for the fourth time this week. On the final lap DC would run out of fuel on the backstretch handing the runner up position to Kyle Pilman. Kriptnite would finish 3rd followed by Sirbud who placed 4th and Helmet 5th.

SRZ would like to thank all of those who participated in tonight’s event and we hope to see you Sunday night as we head back to Phoenix in the Trucks. SimRacingZone would like to congratulate Soadele on his dominate performance this past week.

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