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Elite Series: SRZ~Kyle_Pilman wins race SRZ~Chris wins Championship!!

The end of another SRZ Elite series took place tonight at Kansas Speedway. We had 19 cars show up for the race and 90% SRZ guys! Coming into the race, Chris had a slim lead over Kyle and Sirbud. Kript won the pole with Iceman starting on the outside of the front row. We ran 125 laps with only two cautions throughout the whole race. Chris was able to maintain the position he needed to and win the overall championship. Kyle was fast as usual during the race and took the checkered flag at the end. Chris continues to show he is one of the fastest guys here at SRZ and is racking up wins. Congrats to Kyle on the race win and Chris on the Championship!!! Don’t forget a new season starts next monday and if you want in, you have to put in the $5.00 to run the season.

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