About SRZ

About Us at SRZ

Welcome to the SIMRACINGZONE.com , We have been racing online since DTR Racing (circa 1999), and have used many programs including DTR 1 and 2, Nascar Thunder, Sim Racing 2005, Nascar 2003, and now Rfactor (VHR).

We are a group of people involved in the RACING World that also have a passion for simulation racing.  Since majority of the organizations members are involved in racing on the weekends, our events are held throughout the week. As of 2013 we continue to race Sundays (Trucks/NW), Mondays (Titan Elite) Tuesdays (TCS-CUP) and Thursdays (Novice). Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s races are held at 9 p.m. ET. Thursday’s race is held approximately at 10:15 p.m. ET.  Everyone is welcome to join us and race. SRZ hopes you decide to join us for fun, clean, and always competitive racing.

Chuck SRZ~JB0007

Edited by YoungGunz

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